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Rangoli Competition - 7th November, 2015
The students of Class VIII participated in Rangoli Making Competition with great enthusiasm. in an hour long competition the students tried to prove their creativity skills in the best possible way. They made different Rangolis depicting beautiful pictures of "Ganeshji", Kalash, Kumbh and Peacock etc out of waste materials. Class VIIIC students secured the first position.

Clay Moulding Competition - Class : Pre-Primary

Clay Moulding Competition was held on September 21, 2015 for Class Pre-Primary. The result is as follows:

Result of Class: Pre-Primary A
1. Purusharth BhatFirst Position
2. Arpit MohantySecond Position
Result of Class: Pre-Primary B
1. Shaurya MeenwalFirst Position
2. AnjaliSecond Position
Result of Class: Pre-Primary C
1.Swayam Siddha SahooFirst Position
2.Sarthak Nayak Second Position

Fancy Dress Competition - Class : I

Twist in Tale Competition - Class : III

Fancy Dress Competition was held on September 8, 2015 for Class I. 

The result is as follows:
Result :
1. Debabrata Ray (Class: I-C) First Position
2.Jahnavi (Class: I-C) Second Position
3.Khyati (Class: I-C) Second Position
Twist in Tale Competition was held on September 8, 2015 for Class III. 

The result is as follows:
Result :
1. Class: III-C First Position
2.Class: III-B Second Position
3.Class: III-A Third Position

Hindi Speech Competition - Class : IV

Hindi Speech Competition was held on September 1, 2015 for 
Class IV. 

The result is as follows:

Result :
1.Aryan (Class: IV-C) First Position
2.Palak (Class: IV-C) Second Position
3.Pralabh (Class: IV-B) Third Position


Hindi Poem Recitation - Class : Pre-School

Hindi Poem Recitation was held on August 31, 2015 for Class Pre-School. 
The result is as follows:

Result of Class: Pre-School A
1. Vanya First Position
2. Divyanshi Second Position
Result of Class: Pre-School B
1. Naisha First Position
2. Kartik Second Position
Result of Class: Pre-School C
1.Tejas First Position
2.Akshay Second Position
3.Alankriti Second Position

 A PRESENTATION - "Changing Face of Nationalism" - CLASS VIII 

On 24th July, 2015 the students of Class VIII prepared a presentation on MS PowerPoint 2007 on the topic “Changing Face of Nationalism” and presented it.. This activity helped students to inculcate communication Skills, confidence, expression, creative thinking, techno-friendly and global citizens.

English Debate Competition - Class : IV

English Debate Competition was held on July 20, 2015 for Class IV. 
The result is as follows:
1. Abdur Raqeeb of Class-IV B: First Position 
2. Palak Kumar of Class-IV C: Second Position


•Ad-Mad-Act Competition was held on 17th July, 2015.
•It was an Advertisement Making Competition where creativity meets madness ,and students of class VI showcased their talent in marketing products and services.
•It comprised of humorous conceptual ad presentation by the student teams.  
•The students were given a time frame of 10 minutes to act out on various themes to create social awareness.
•The act included an Audio visual presentation, a skit and slogan on the topics assigned to them.


1.On the spot dance competition was held on 10th July, 2015.
2.The students of Class V participated with zeal and enthusiasm in the on the spot dance competition.
3.All the participants showcased their inherent talents.
Pulkit(class V-B) and Biswajita( class V-A) bagged the first prize. 

Handwriting Competition - Class : I

Handwriting Competition was held on July 7, 2015 for Class I. 
The result is as follows:

Result of Class: I-A
1. Aditi Parasar First Position in English Writing Competition.
2. Amulya Sood Second Position in English Writing Competition.
3.Kanishka First Position in Hindi Writing Competition.
4.Gargi Hemant Velhankar Second Position in Hindi Writing Competition.
Result of Class: I-B
1. Sonakshi Yadav First Position in English Writing Competition.
2. Vineet Nayak Second Position in English Writing Competition.
3.Amisha Kumari First Position in Hindi Writing Competition.
4.Annika Bhuskar Second Position in Hindi Writing Competition.
Result of Class: I-C
1. Mandeep First Position in English Writing Competition.
2.Aditi Sanjay Rout Second Position in English Writing Competition
3.Debabrata Ray First Position in Hindi Writing Competition.
4.Reshma Kumari Second Position in Hindi Writing Competition

Complete the Picture Competition - Class : Pre-Primary

Complete the Picture Competition was held on July 6, 2015 for Class Pre-Primary. 
The result is as follows:

Result of Class: PrePrimary-A
1. Tejas Sansanwal First Position
2. Aditi Kumar Singh Second Position

Result of Class: PrePrimary-B
1. Aaditya Dhiman First Position 
2. Vishesh Sahoo Second Position

Result of Class: PrePrimary-C
1. Sarthak Nayak First Position
2.Aditya Shah Second Position


1. A group discussion for the students of class VII was held on 4th July, 2015.

2. The group discussion was based on the current issues and current events and they were as follows:

      a) Digital India,

      b) Food Adulteration,

      c) Sports- As a career option, etc.

 2 Groups were Selected

Aakash - 7C Amber - 7A
Ayushmann - 7C Ayush - 7D
Swadhin - 7C Palak - 7A
Rushali - 7D Sahil - 7B
Manasvee - 7B Aviral - 7C
Lovesh - 7A Adhya - 7C


Poetry Recitation Competition - Class : I

Poetry Recitation Competition was held on May 7, 2015 for Class I 
The result is as follows:

Result of Class: I-A
1. Amulya Sood First Position
2. Devyansh Kumar Second Position

Result of Class: I-B
1. Akshit V. Singh First Position 
2. Meghanshi Sehgal Second Position

Result of Class: I-C
1. Mandeep First Position
2.Debabrata Ray Second Position

Singing Competition: Class-IV

Singing Competition was held on April 20, 2015 for Class IV. 
First Prize winner group is of Class-IV A. Students of winning group of Class-IV A are Naved Hasan, Ayush Karan, Mehzer Jamal, Ayushman K. Singh, Shishank K. Sameer, Rajvansh Kataria, Aniket Sansanwal, Parthip B., Gaurang Pandey, Palak Patwal, Nishita Panwar, Ankita Parashar, Ratnapriya Pandey, Ashmita Jha, Priya Jaswal, Vani Mittal, Saumya Nayal, Aasma Rout, Tamanna Samal, Sanvi Dixit, Prahi Kashyab and Shreyan Tanwar.

 Rangoli Competition held on 21st October 2014

The spirit and fervor of Diwali was high among the class XI students as they worked intricately  to create attractive and beautiful Rangolis on this festive occasion. It was a patient effort as each of the rangolis was made with concentration and tremendous team effort. Delicate and neatly presented, each turned out to be winner in its own way.The students showed that truly Diwali is a festival of lights, sweets and celebration and its beauty lies in our creativity.

The first prize was bagged by XI A and the second by XI E .





Creative Writing and Poster Making – ‘Swachh Bharat’ Campaign on 15th October 2014

We at DAV Vasant Kunj upheld the spirit and support towards the ‘Swachh Bharat Campaign’ through an Intrahouse competition. It was held on 15th October 2014 where students participated enthusiastically to express their concern and views on this issue. They took part in a creative writing and Poster making competition on ‘Cleanliness is close to Godliness’. Both the events brought out the willingness and determination of the students of the school to spread the message on ‘cleanliness’ and be active participants of the campaign. For the success of any such collective action, mobilization is essential and DAVians once again proved that with their ‘homogeneity’ and ‘desire to change’, they could make an impact in creating a cleaner and better environment, both within and outside their institution. 


August -- It’s the time to rejoice and revive the spirit of ‘ National pride’ as we  remember the sacrifices of our great leaders.

The senior section held their Intra House Hindi Patriotic Poetry Recitation competition on the 6th of August for the students of classes IX and X.It was marked by a spirit of nationalism as the students recited with fervor the lines on various freedom fighters and revolutionaries. The competition was a close one as 5 performers scored points with only marginal difference.


Display Board In August – Patriotism through Cinema

It was an interesting way by which the students of classes IX and X expressed their spirit of Nationalism and remembered the heroes of history through the heroes of cinema. The boards were done attractively and displayed the research based efforts of the team members. The students responded excitedly as they gathered around them to see and read the information displayed.



The Talent Hunt was an open house session which served as an opportunity for all creative minds of classes IX & X to exhibit & compete in the various categories: These ranged from music -vocal, instrumental to dramatics , poetry - English & Hindi recitation.




May 7, 2014

House Board Competition

The first house board was put up on 7th May on the topic -Colours

1st - Mother Teressa House

2nd -Gargi House


May 16,2014

English Speech Competition was held for classes XII who expressed greatly valued ideas of various great speakers of the world.

1st - Chetan Bohra (XII B) Meera Bai House
2nd - Tanya Mittal   (XII A) G
argi House


                                         Chetan - XII B 

July 9,2014

Mehendi Art Competition was held among students of class IX -XII  where creativity was at its best as participants showcased detailed 'mehendi' designs on hand ,chart paper & even thermocol plates . It was done on the spot & many had a professional touch to it.

1st -Sarita Nayak (X C)                  
       Anshul( X C) Lakshmi Bai House

1st -Rashmi (XII B) Mirabai House

2nd-Shalini J (XI E) Mother Teressa House

July 16,2014

House Board Competition 

Second house board was displayed on the topic  -Biological Warfare

1st -Mother Teressa House

2nd-Gargi House

July 30,2014 English Poetry Recitation

1st -Sylvia (XI E) Mother Teressa House

2nd - Komal Joshi (XI A) Gargi House


                                             Sylvia -XI E                                                                      Komal Joshi - XI A


Debate - Class : IV

As a part of the extra- curricular activity, a debate was conducted for Class IV students on July 28, 2014. It was a very enthusiastically participated event as all the students were well prepared and took up this opportunity to express their views and thoughts on the topic, ‘Spending lavishly on Festivals brings happiness’.

The result is as follows:
  Mridul Chaturvedi Class: 4 - B        Ayush Khurna  Class: 4 - B  
First Prize First Prize

Show and Tell competition - Class : I

Show and Tell Competition for Class I was held on July 24, 2014. Students presented interesting information about objects of their choice.Their enthusiastic participation on varied subjects such as newspaper, pencil, day and night, solar system, my family etc. spoke volumes about their confidence and knowledge.

The result is as follows:
Deshna Kala Class: I-B Diksha Class: I-B Sneha Class: I-B Darshika Class: I-A

First Prize

Second Prize

Second Prize Second Prize



Complete the picture competition - Class : Pre Primary

An interesting competition - "Complete the picture" for Class Pre - primary was held on July 18, 2014 where all the children were encouraged to complete the picture using their own imagination and creativity.

The children enjoyed the activity and it was a great success.

The result is as follows:
Pre-primary A 

First Prize

Aditi Parasar

Second Prize

Divyaansh Kumar

Third Prize

Gargi Heman T Velhankar

Pre-primary B

First Prize

Alok Nayan

Second Prize

Sonakshi Yadav

Third Prize

Kamakshi Sabar

Pre-primary C

First Prize


Second Prize

Kunal Pratap Singh

Third Prize

Aditi Sanjay Rout and Aayush Kannawaria

TALENT HUNT DAY-6 (JULY 17, 2014) Pre-school to Class II



TALENT HUNT DAY-4 (JULY 12, 2014) Pre-school to Class II



TALENT HUNT DAY-3 (JULY 11, 2014) Pre-school to Class II


TALENT HUNT DAY-2 (JULY 10, 2014) Pre-school to Class II


TALENT HUNT DAY-1 (JULY 9, 2014) Pre-school to Class II

13th ANUVRAT Moral Singing Competition

 Was held in August-September 2012 at Acharya Tulsi Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Chattarpur, Mehrauli in which


 Shreya Singhal (XII)

 Third Position in Senior Solo Category

 Richa Mishra (VII)

 Second Position in Junior Solo Category

 Group of 11 senior students

 First Position in Group Song Category (Senior)

 Group of 11 junior students

 Second Position in Group Song Category  (Junior)

 Chirag Sehrawat

 Bronze Medal

 Zonal School Sports & Cultural Activities Board

 Directorate of Education organized a host of competitions in which the following students won the prizes in various  categories:

 Essay Writing Competition (English)
 Topic - Women Empowerment In Indian Society

 A.R.Rakshitha (XII)

 First Position

 Manik Singh (VIII)

 First Position

 Ashutosh (X)

 Second Position

 Shatakshi (VIII) 

 Third Position


 Slogan Writing Competition

 Divyanshu Sharma (XII)

 First Position

 Manik Singh (VIII)

 Second Position

 Vibha Yadav (VIII)

 Third Position


 Debate Competition (Hindi)
 Topic - Manav Apna Bhagya Nirmata Swayam Hai

 Srishti Rana (VII)

 First Position

 Nishita Tiwari (VII)

 First Position



 Shambhavi Sengar (XI)

 First Position (English)

 Shreshtha (VIII)

 Second Position (English)

 Ankit Upadhyay (VII)

 Third Position (English)

 Savita Mehlawat (VIII)

 Third Position (Hindi)

 Shubham Choudhary (VIII)

 Third Position (Hindi)


 Declamation Competition 
 Topic: Hindi- T.V Dharawahikon Mein Nari Ki Bhoomika
 English- Use of Science in Every Day Life

 Ravi Ranjan (VIII)

 First Position (Hindi)

 Shubham Mittal (VII)

 First Position (English)

 Chirag (X)

 Third Position (English)

 Avantika - 2012

 Avantika, a non-government organisation of artists and intellectuals gave students a platform to wondrously colour   the competitive canvas.

 A group of seven students from classes II to VIII were awarded the Avantika Shri G.P.Chopra  Memorial  Shield

 A group of three students of class II were awarded the Avantika Silver Jubilee Shield

 Poetry Competition

 Tanya Gupta (XII)

 Gold Medal

 Anainya Mishra(VIII)

 Silver Medal

 Smriti Senapati (VIII)

 Silver Medal

 Gauri Malhotra (X)

 Bronze Medal

 S. Rahul (IX)

 Bronze Medal

 Anmol Agarwal (VII)

 Bronze Medal

 Simran Yadav (VII)

 Bronze Medal


 Calligraphy Competition

 2 students (IX & X)

 Gold Medal (each)

 4 students (V to X)

 Silver Medal (each)

 2 students (VII)

 Bronze Medal (each)


 Painting Competition

 4 students (VI to VIII)

 Gold Medal (each)

 13 students (IV to X)

 Silver Medal (each)

 11 students (II to XII)

 Bronze Medal (each)

 SPECTRUM - 2012

 an Interschool Fiesta was organized by D.A.V. Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave

 Debate Competition

 Shruti Goyal (XI) &

 Pooja Madan (XII)

 First Position

 Shruti Goyal (XI)

 Best Speaker

 Rotary's Annual Interschool Extempore Debate, 2012

 Was organized by Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City. Out of the 17 participating schools, our team of students ,    Shruti Goyal (Class XI) and Shambavi Sengar (Class XI) bagged the Best Team Trophy and the Rolling Tropy.     They were also awarded cash prize of Rs. 10,000/-.

 Olympiads - 2012

 NCO (National Cyber Olympiad)

 Purav Nayak (IX)

 Gold Medal

 Ashutosh (X)

 Gold Medal


 National Creativity Olympiad

 Purav Nayak (IX)

 Second Prize, a Trophy, Rs. 15,000/- and received  1 year subscription of D2H


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