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March 17, 2019

Circular regarding completion of the session and sharing the Final Progress Report (Preschool to Class IV) wth parents.



DAV/PS/VK/2019-2020/                                                                                                                                                              Dated 20.3.2019

Esteemed  Parents

Heartiest congratulations on the success of your ward. The performance of each child varies. Applaud the good performance of your child; motive him/her to do better if his/her scores are not so good and encourage your ward , tell him/her that he/she should work hard the next time if  he/she has not shown minimum level of achievement. For us all the students are equally important and we extend a warm welcome to everyone in the new academic session 2019-20.

Besides academic performance having the right values and becoming disciplined is very important. In this context it is essential to remind you that there are certain rules and norms which we expect our students to follow:


  • As per CBSE rule 131(1) it is imperative for a student to have “at least 75% of attendance in the classes held counted from the day of commencing teaching classes IX, X, XI and XII” and “at least 75% of the total attendance for practical work in the subject in the laboratory”.As per rule 14(11) “shortage up to 15% only may be condoned by the Chairman CBSE” “In case of shortage of  attendance”….They would be not be permitted to appear for the Board’s class X, XII examination.
  • CBSE strongly advocates the restriction of mobile phone in school as “they can be a serious cause of distraction, lack of concentration, anxiety, fear and sometimes even misuse”. Kindly don’t allow your ward to carry tablets,  mobile phones, iPads, iPods , MP3 Players, Camera etc, to school. In case of emergency if the child carries the mobile phone to school she/he should deposit it to the class-teacher and take it back at 2.10 p.m. However she/he should not use it in the school bus. If any of the above mentioned things is confiscated it will not be returned.
  • It has been observed that students do not consider it important to come to school in proper school uniform. They wear fancy shoes and boys have long trendy haircuts which will not be permitted. Please see to it that your son/daughter comes in proper school uniform (Washed and ironed clothes , school socks and belt, polished black shoes , simple hair style,  no jewellery and makeup).
  • Some of the students have made it a habit of coming late to school which cannot be allowed. Every student must enter the main premises before 7.55 A.M. as per the school clock. After that she/he will not be allowed to enter. If your ward comes in private vans/vehicles kindly ensure that he/she reaches on time.
  • It is essential for every student to carry I-card and student diary.
  • It is the duty of every student to take care of school property. If your ward damages school property, the cost of repair/ replacement and fine will be paid by you.
  • Your ward should not come to school in his/her own vehicle. Kindly do not allow your ward to drive to school.
  • Please check school website frequently for circulars , school programmes & achievement records and remain alert for school SMS.
  • Kindly inform school as soon as your mobile number changes. It is essential for us to have your reachable number in case of an emergency.
  • Please ensure that your ward does not bring to school sharp objects like blades , knives, deos, perfumes, match boxes etc. by checking your wards bags regularly.
  • If extra classes are held for the students it is mandatory for them to attend.
  • If your child suffers from medical problem please inform school and submit the relevant papers so that he/she can get proper medical assistance when needed.
  • If a child forgets Tiffin box parents will not be allowed to give him/her during school hours. Kindly send steel tiffin box and water bottle instead of plastic ones.
  • Besides the rules mentioned above strict disciplinary action will also be taken if any student violates the Model Code of Conduct, given by the Directorate of Education and indulges in any of the following:

      a. Misbehavior towards teachers or any other employee of school

      b. Disobeying lawful orders of the Principal/teachers

      c. Intentional disturbance in classes.

      d. Bullying and rude behavior.

      e. Eve-teasing/misbehavior towards girl-students

      f. Indulging in any kind of immoral act.

      g. smoking/chewing ‘gutkha/paan/khaini’ etc.

      h. Use of drugs or intoxicants any form of gambling

      i. Bursting crackers

      j. Theft/pilferage of school/students’ property

k. Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property

      l. Use of violence in any form

      m. Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability

We are sure that you will inculcate good habits and values in your ward: you will make him/her courteous, cultured and refined by setting a personal example. Your involvement in the education of your ward and his overall development and co-operation with school will enable children to do their best.

     Mrs. Puri


March ,2019

DAV/PS/VK/2019-2020/CIR-4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dated 18.3.2019

Esteemed Parents

We would like to share with you the findings of the annual health checkup held in school during the academic session 2018-19.

The following table shows the percentage of students who have been detected with various health and hygiene related issues:





(Over Weight)



























It is for all of us to see that the findings are not encouraging at all.

We realize that good health is the foundation of all happiness & success in life. It is of paramount importance but most people do not make eating well & exercising a priority till their health deteriorates.  More over the mind and body are not separate, hence it is imperative that we teach our children to adopt a healthy life style and pay utmost attention to personal hygiene. Here are a few suggestions, which if implemented will go a long way in ensuring a healthy life for our children.

   i) Diet - “Diet cures more than doctors”

  • Healthy, nutritious, fresh home cooked meals are the best for one’s health.
  • Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your ward’s diet.
  • Avoid sugary drinks, colas packed juices preserved foods.
  • Nuts, puffed rice, Khakras  Idlis  and upma are healthy  snacks.
  • Chips and namkeens, instant noodles contain too much salt & harmful preservatives and hence need to be avoided.
  • Identify and limit junk foods like biscuits, muffins, pizzas, pastas etc.
  • Remember steamed, boiled & roasted foods are healthier than fried foods & can be made interesting as well with a little bit of creativity. 
  • Encourage children to join you in the kitchen. Let them see what goes’ into ‘the food they eat.

ii)  Physical Activity: - “Exercise is to the body what reading is to the mind”

  • Encourage your ward to engage in physical activity/Sports for at least an hour daily. This will keep issues like high BP, obesity, diabetes at bay and also help in keeping the mind alert & attentive.
  • Encourage your kids to practice yoga every day.  ‘Suryanamaskar’ is especially good for both physical & mental health. It leads to creation of a balanced mind & body which is critical to academic performance as well.

iii) Personal Hygiene: - Integral to one’s health and well being.

Whether it is oral hygiene or cleaning of the ears or well maintained clean & short nails, each of these have a long term bearing on the child’s health. Please ensure that you not only talk about these to your ward but also regularly monitor these parameters.

 iv)Screen Time:

Limit screen time & monitor the content that your child is watching on T.V/internet .Research shows that internet addiction is responsible for bringing about changes in the brain which adversely impact attention span, emotional processing & decision making. Apart from this weak eyesight and stress are added ill effects.

v) Vaccination: “Prevention is better than cure”

     Take care that your child has received all vaccinations due at his/ her age.

vi) Deworming:  

 Deworming is essential every 6 months for children of all age groups. Worm infections can lead to anemia   and impaired physical and mental growth.

Let us be equal partners in nurturing physically fit, mentally sound and socially conscious citizens of tomorrow.

     Mrs. Puri


March - 2019
Feb - 2019

Sep. 2017



DAV/PS/VK/2017-18/cir-20                                                                                                                                    Date  20.9.2017

Dear Parents
I am sure you all want your children to be safe and secure in the school. For the same school and parents both are partners. The school has always been very particular about the safety and security of its students.
I had convened a meeting of PTA on 11th Sept’17- The following changes have been made keeping the safety of the children in view.
1.    You are being directed not to drop your children before 7.40 a.m. as teachers are not available before 7.40 a.m. to take care of the children.
2.    Drop the children at the school gate only, ensuring that your ward has entered the school gate. You will not be allowed to enter the school gate to drop your ward.
3.    School timings are as follows:
a.    V – XII – 8.00 a.m. to 2.10 p.m.
b.    Pre-school to IV – 8.00 a.m. – 1.15 p.m.
4.    In case you wish to share your concern regarding your ward you can do it on the day of PTM but if something requires immediate attention and cannot be addressed through a diary note, you can meet the respective Incharges on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. in the school conference room with prior appointment. You can talk to them on school phone no. 011 46660400 also.
Extensions Supervisory Head, Senior Section –    209
Extensions Supervisory Head, Middle Section –   208
Extensions Supervisory Head, Primary  Section – 205
Office Superintendent – 203
5.    You can also share your concern through email to the school id – davvasantkunj@gmail.com
6.    Please make sure that the child wears his/her I card daily to school.
7.    Parents who pick and drop their wards from school must carry a valid I card.
8.    You are advised not to send your children to school if the child is unwell or has any appointment as the school would not allow any half day or short leave to students henceforth.
9.    If your ward travels by private van, you must get the van driver’s police verification done. I would strongly recommend you to follow and monitor the conduct and on road behaviour of your van driver as the van drivers might be indulging in drunken driving, or over speeding and overloading to maximize profit.  
10.    Do not send lunch boxes, water bottles etc during school hours. Please make sure that the child carries all his requirements for the day in his bag.
11.    Sensitize your children on safety measures.
12.    Kindly do not send sweets, cake or any other food item on your wards’ birthday. If you send anything we will not accept it.
I would like to assure you that
1.    48 cameras have been affixed in the school at all vulnerable points for children’s safety and security.
2.    Male staff of the school has been instructed not to use primary children washrooms.
3.    Fourth class male staff  has a separate washroom outside near bank gate.
4.    Teachers have been instructed yet again to be extra vigilant in taking care of children.
5.     A buddy system has been initiated so that children do not go to toilet alone. Two children will go together and  teacher will ensure that the children come back within 5 minutes.
6.    Teachers/ attendants escort the bus routes in the afternoon to ensure the safety of the students travelling by school bus.
7.    Local students are handed over to parents/guardians authorized by the parents for the primary children.
8.    Van students are counted, attendance is taken and then handed over to the van driver after taking his signatures.
9.    Female sweepers are deployed outside each washroom for constant monitoring, cleanliness and assistance to children.
10.    Maintenance staff is posted on each gate and entry point in the morning to guide the children to the class rooms.
11.    The school nurse is available in the school from 7.30 a.m. onwards in the school clinic and the doctor is available from 8.00 a.m.
12.    No student from the senior classes is allowed to enter the primary wing premises.
13.    We have already sought the help of the police station of our area in ensuring that vendors do not sell their wares outside school to ensure students’ security.
14.    We also intend to invite parents to travel in the school buses turn wise to lend us their support and assure themselves of our safety measures for their children.

15.    As a strong security measure, the provision of Electronic I-cards to track students’ movement within the school campus and inform the parents is also being looked into. As soon as the process is approved and finalized, the parents will be apprised of the same.
We welcome parents’ suggestions and feedback to improve our school systems in the interest of our students.
Hoping for your support and co-operation in providing a safe and secure learning environment.

Mrs.  Puri